Traditional Photo Booth

(Self-Service Automated)

photo boothOnce inside the Photo Booth, all that is needed is to push a button, look at the camera & say cheese. The camera automatically captures 4 images, so we recommend changing up your pose after each flash of the camera – voila! Step out of the Photo Booth & pick up your 4” X 6” Photo Print. Our Photo Booth still has the “Old School” look and feel but has all of the “New School” flexibility and versatility.

The hard-wall construction provides that intimate, private setting that encourages the most entertaining and hilarious photos! But the collapsible design means that we can take this funky-unit pretty much anywhere! And with our hard-wall design we are able to customize and brand the Photo Booth with just about any image, graphic, logo or design that you can think of.

Make our Photo Booth YOUR Photo Booth by decorating the outside of it with whatever message your heart (or boss!) desires!

But form is nothing without function! And our Photo Booth functions just fine! Traditionally, the hard-wall Photo Booths limited the number of people that could be in the picture – so we fixed that. We made our back-panel removable so that more people could join in the fun if they wish! And we figured why stop there? So we equipped our Photo Booth with some of the best gear that we could find.
A high-resolution digital SLR camera and the fastest dye sublimation photographic printer on the market (prints in as fast as 6 seconds!). It even puts a protective layer directly onto your photo to protect it from moisture and UV damage! Now the memories really can last forever!

Photo-BoothOur Traditional Photo Booth was designed to have all the elements of a hard-walled stationary Photo Booth for that classic and time-tested photo booth experience – Yet it’s portable so you can have it at your event!